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Your book is written—or almost written.

But now what?

It’s easy to throw money at getting your book published, if money is no object.

You can hire…

  • professional editors to turn mediocre manuscripts into something praiseworthy
  • book launch specialists to maximize sales
  • social media mavens to grow followers.

But if you’re a new author with limited resources, those may not be options.

Based on questions we received after recording videos for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, we’ve tackled that question.

Gena’s article on 4 Tips for Turning Followers into Fans will give you things you can do TODAY to cultivate fans.

Also check out what Chris learned this week in TIL (Today I Learned). Anyone who knows Chris knows he’s a learner. He’s also a big believer in simplicity and what he learned this week will take your platform up a level.

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Until next time, keep believing in yourself and your message. And always, keep writing!

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Writing Momentum  

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Supercharge Your Author Platform with These Things We've Learned:

Creating Author Videos

Getting Help

Social Media

  • SocialBee, our favorite social media posting app, just added the ability to post on your Instagram comments, and now has native Instagram posting. Yay!
  • PS If you try SocialBee, let Chris know and he'll send you a FREE link to his popular teaching on How to Build a Social Media Marketing Machine in 21 Days. Use code MOMENTUM20 to lock in 20% off Socialbee for life.

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"Our life ripples out, and it has influence. That's why it's important that we're at our best and that we're influencing others for the good."

Victoria Osteen  

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