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We've heard you, and we're getting down to the nitty-gritty. From now on, this newsletter is about one thing: Giving your writing momentum.

Below you'll find actionable content you can use TODAY to move your platform forward. You'll find articles we've curated for you, apps we can't live without, and even a few free surprises.

Start out with a little inspiration in Gena's blog, Are You the Smartest Writer in the Room?, where she shares a lightbulb moment about growing as a writer. Maybe the unnerving action she took will resonate with you.

Then see if you can complete today's Author Challenge in 5 min or less. This little step will get that momentum flowing.

Next, check out the new plotting app that's making big waves. (Chris can't live without it.)

And there's more ... but we'll leave the rest up to you.

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Must ReadsMust Reads

Author ChallengeAuthor Challenge

Can you take 5 minutes to give your writing momentum?

CHALLENGE: Open your calendar and block out ONE HOUR tomorrow to work on your novel or non-fiction book. If your calendar is packed, then book it one hour before you normally wake up and go to sleep an hour early so you can write first thing in the morning.

This is a practice called "Time Blocking" and it's all the rage right now – because it works. If you're really ambitious, time block one hour every day this coming week. Whatever you do, don't allow yourself to get distracted, and don't allow yourself to miss that time.

Imagine ... how would you feel if you got one uninterrupted, unexpected hour in on your WIP? How about five?

That's what we're talking about. That's writing momentum!


Power ToolsPower Tools


Things we learned this week that'll take your author platform up a level!

Free Plagiarism Check. Ever wanted to double-check something a VA gives you to make sure it’s not plagiarized? There are a lot of tools out there to do this, but my new favorite is this one by Small SEO Tools … because it’s free.


Better Bookmark This. Here’s a cool tip. If you use a Mac and have trouble getting the “Internet log in” screen to pop up at Starbucks or another coffee shop, just go to this secret link and the sign-in will pop right up.


Better Than Evernote. I’ve always loved Evernote, but they recently pushed an update that is sluggish on even the most powerful machines. Thankfully, there’s Bear! I find it just as easy to use as Evernote, plus it’s blazing fast. Best part is that moving over is as easy as selecting notebooks in Evernote and choosing “Export,” then choosing “Import” in Bear. (PS The Pro subscription is also 25% of the cost!)


The Easiest Way to Create Author Videos. Want to record quick videos of yourself through your webcam or of your computer screen? I’m digging Screencast-o-matic — a super easy-to-use recording tool that even has a full editing suite … at only $1.65/mo.


In Case You Missed ItIn Case You Missed It

"I get up to write while it's still dark, 5 or 5:30. I start by editing and rewriting everything I did the day before, and that gives some momentum for the day."

Michael Connelly  

Let Us KnowLet Us Know

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Do you:

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  • Attend a writer's group
  • Participate in an online writing group
  • Take writing classes
  • Read craft books
  • Attend writer's conferences
  • ...something else?

Hit "Reply" and let us know!

Writing Momentum  


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