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Darren Hardy's book, The Compound Effect, reveals a key principle for authors: Every little step you take over time culminates into major movement.

  • If you write just 100 words a day, you'll have a 36,000 word book in one year.
  • If you make one networking connection a day, by December 31, you'll have hundreds of people on your side.
  • If you wake one hour early, you'll gain 7 hours to write every week.

Momentum starts by doing the little things. That's why we've begun including a challenge in each newsletter ... because if you do one small thing each time we enter your inbox, soon your platform will have major momentum!

Scroll down to find...

  • How Gena started as a professional writer and how she balances being a homeschool mom with her professional endeavors.
  • 5 famous authors' writing routines—Would any of them work for you?
  • See if you can complete this week's Author Challenge.
  • Next, check out the new plotting app that's making big waves. (Chris can't live without it, and even Gena finds it easy to use.)
  • Finally, we're ending this newsletter with a little humor. Scroll to the end to get a good laugh...

Go, writer, go!

Chris & Gena

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Author ChallengeAuthor Challenge

A New Way to FOCUS

As an author you're bombarded by distractions. That's why you need accountability.

Get rid of distractions by taking 5 minutes to sign up for FocusMate today and booking your first session. Seriously, this free tool is amazing.

When you sign up, you'll instantly get matched with someone else from around the globe who's also trying to get stuff done. You keep each other accountable for 45 minutes in a small, muted, video chat window in the corner of your screen.

Sound creepy? Maybe. But it works. You'll be amazed how less likely you are to surf the Internet, do the dishes, or even grab a snack when your virtual partner – a real person – is counting on you to keep them from distraction, too.

We've even partnered with Focusmate to create a "Writing Momentum writer's group," where you'll be preferentially matched with other writers to get their word count done for the day.

Give yourself writing momentum with this great, free tool. And if you see either of us on there, we'd love to write with you for a session!


Power ToolsPower Tools


WordHippo is a free thesaurus on steroids. Click the dropdown before performing a search and not only find synonyms, but also rhymes, conjugations, Scrabble answers, and more.


Trying to figure out your brand's voice? This Australian blog has a visual set of 12 brand archetypes that'll help you provide the right voice and message to your audience.


"We Didn't Start the Fire" has been updated. Don't know if we'd be bold enough to take on a Billy Joel classic, but Goodbye Nova gave it a pretty good shot. As a writer, you'll appreciate the lyrics, as equally dense as the original.


The Last WordThe Last Word